Saturday, November 14, 2015

Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle may well be an Instagram hit but Helen van Winkle is living proof you don't have to be old just because you have grey hair and you don't have to be grey just because you are old. She is showing us all how to have fun, enjoy life, make the most of time with others. She is lucid, active, interested and knows how to look after herself. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


This is so beautiful. Just enjoy it. It is such a celebration of the colour in our lives. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Advice to the young

Patti Smith doesn't readily come to mind when you are thinking of people who have defined music and yet, quite clearly, she not only has earned that achievement she is now someone who can offer help to younger people as they try and make their way through the world. She has endured. She has a resilience and capacity to rise above adversity which are worth learning from. There is a longer version of this talk on YouTube , if you are interested. This talk gives a lot of insight and persepctive which only come from experience , knowledge and a hard won place as a significant human being as well as a really talented musician. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dogs on the inside

This is the official trailer of the Dogs on the Inside documentary. People get things badly wrong, make destructive decisions and then end up in prison. These rescue dogs are going to a low security prison so the prisoners have made negative choices and are now serving time. As soon as you see the dogs and prisoners together , you can see the energy lift for both 4 leggeds and 2 leggeds. Youc an see the prisoners want to give love and you can see the dogs want to be happy and friendly. It is a very psoitive step. It is part of a system which is genuinely rehabilitating peole and showing a growth mindset in its approach to reforming those who have been down the wrong path. Dogs will create lasting bonds. They will interact and bring out hte best in people. It also means dog trainers and carers are doing something positive and it will add to them and their lives. By creating a situation where rescue dogs are given a home and prisoners are given a chance to move forward, you can see how important these sorts of ideas and initiatives are. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Age has not wearied them

Thank heavens for you Tube. You can now see some great role models for being old. It does not mean you have to be ancient and creaky. This 86 year old gymnast has the best legs and the greatest smile. She has control of her body and she is alive, well and doing a great job by inspiring us to age well. There are now so many videos on You Tube of older people doing some amazing things. They are not really amazing , though. These people are pioneering a different way of being old and are demonstrating you can sustain not only good levels of fitness but better levels than a lot of younger people. This gymnast has poise and grace. She is just fantastic. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Calf muscle strain

Calf muscle strain is very common and can happen with people who do a lot of sport. It can also happen, as we have found out in our family, with someone who is trying to improve their level of fitness but who has a long term medical condition. This can be off putting with someone like that - or you can adopt his approach and find ways and means of getting the right professional help and advice and working through the issues. It's painful, slows you down and certainly burts your bubble when you were trying to help yourself and your fitness. This video has some good tips as to how to manage it at home. 

Saturday, March 07, 2015

I'm 35 and never had a girlfriend

Image: ClipartPanda

The article in the Guardian about never having a girlfriend or boyfriend and you are in your 30s is probably more of a problem than people would care to admit. I am blogging about it because the comments were bizarre, to say the least, and then just plain unhelpful. There was someone I knew who was in exactly that predicament. She had been at school, uni, work and still there was no special someone. She had managed a couple of times to have one evening with someone and then that was that. Some of it was she was not a drinker and most people drink these days. She didn't especialy like parties and just diverting herself with amusements. Her working hours were very long and she often had to work weekends. She went out with friends when she could. She went on holidays when she could. She tried to make things happen when she could. You just have to be with people and go on holidays and keep your family life going. She wasn't gay but she got a lot of support and comfort from her gay friends. She did not put up barriers to outings and events even if she didn't think she would much like them. In the end , it was one of her school friends on Facebook that broke the ice in relationships. She went to visit him in another state but he wasn't that easy to get along with. She tried it again the following year and he let her down very badly and she was in a situation where she had to decide whether to stay interstate in an emotional mess or come home. She toughed it out. She made  a point of doing nice things each day. In the meantime someone at work was texting her to help her stabilise . He was being a good friend. A great friend. He knew what it was like to be viciously let down by someone. Even though she had never thought much about him before, she realised this was a really fantastic person to have in her life. So she was in her 30s and now she had this really nice guy and they have been together ever since. You just don't know. You just have to be places doing things. One of my Mum's friends didn't marry until he was 40. He just couldn't find anyone and then he found his lovely wife and they had a great marriage. Same for my neighbours. They did not meet until he was 40 and she wasn't that keen on him but had agreed to go out with him just once. They have been inseparable and my neighbour inherited the best family ever. Be there. Do things and be honest with people. Be yourself and make an effort to be a happy self who likes doing things.From my observation I can see this works.