Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life is beautiful

The Life is Beautiful blog has some really cheering images and things to think about. It is a nice blog to visit when you just want to feel good, feel better or keep the positives going. In an acquisitive society we take a lot for granted and forget that some of the most important and valuable things in our life are free. They are the things which can sustain us, inspire us and make us feel better. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sciatic pain

I have had 3 episodes of sciatic pain since Christmas and it is horrible. Hate it. First time I did nothing much and eventually it went away. Second time I rested and put on anti inflammatory cream and it went away. This week it came out of nowhere again and walking my dog today made it worse and not better like the other times. This clip gives you something easy to do which immediately brings relief. It hasn't fixed it but at least I can get some relief from the pain. I have a good tolerance to pain since I have arthritis but constant pain is wearing and the amount of pain killers I want to take is minimal. It is reassuring to see a clip like this to know it is a problem and that maybe I need to look more closely at what I am doing in order to avoid it. He gave me some tips as to what to look out for. The thing is, when you have something like sciatica, you need things to do. I found a bath really helpful last time and I was carefully doing my back exercises but that is obviously not enough. Now I have something else to do which really helps. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brush your face!

Leda is a wonderful advert for face brushing. Since I had decided to give body brushing a go to keep my circulation in good condition so I could keep warm, I found this video on You Tube to do with face brushing so I have been trying that too. After just 3 times my face looks and feels better. It has tightened my skin and made it smoother,  made my skin feel better and it has been very relaxing. It's a nice thing to do in the evening after a day at work. I have a little round face brush that I found amongst all my grooming things. I don't think I could use a big brush like Leda. My little brush suits me well. It is about 3-4 cm diameter on a long handle and I find that easier to hold. She is right when she says you need to work up to it and to get your skin used to being brushed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Give your body a nice brush


My gas heater has decided not to work and I have to wait for the repair man to come. This, by chance , has got me to try body brushing. I feel the cold more than I do heat and so not to have a big fire when it's cold has been a bit of challenge. I have had to work out ways to keep warm over the week I am waiting to get the fire looked at. I have a small heater to take the chill off the air. I have learned to wear layers , jumpers , socks, scarves and gloves. I have worked out that if I have the time to start my day with a bath it works better than a shower at keeping me warm. I have also had a chance to body brush and that really gets me warm! It is the best thing to keep my circulation in good shape and I have come to enjoy it. I can also say I feel better, my skin is better and my energy levels are better. Part of that is also probably the fact that I am taking a positive stance towards a gas heater which is  suddenly not working! I can safely say I'll keep body brushing in my life and Ashley does a good job in this video of explaining what to do and why.  I use a smaller brush and it works well.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How does your garden grow?

This is a Smarty Pants bougainvillea. I love the colour and the honey eating birds love it too. My garden has been going through the changes again. I seem to change it every so often . I realise out the back it has fewer flowers than it used to have because of the drought we had. I lost a lot of flowering trees and shrubs. I replaced them with succulents which have their own look . My garden is moving onto a tropical look these days. Palms, monsteras, philodendrons, passionfruit. It is interesting to watch my garden change. It always looks at its best around October and November. For me, it is how I get my exercise. I have the fresh air, nature, the work to be done and there's always plenty of that. I am physically active in my garden. No pottering and gentle pruning for me. I don't have trouble focussing on the work to be done and then just doing it. I'd never swap it for a gym. So my garden and walking my dog keep me healthy. I look at new houses these days and they have very little by way of gardens and that is a shame. People don't seem to want to work on their own bit of land anymore. Children grow up without seeing a garden change on a seasonal basis. In summer mine looks dry and crispy at times. I did get it through this summer well. That in itself is a challenge. I have to think how I will get my garden to deal with particular weather impacting on it. It's  good to think about and sometimes it makes me quite creative. It's nice to have this place AI can go which adds to me in all sorts of ways. I wonder how people manage without a garden and what replaces it in their lives. Nature is very healing.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

If it wisnae fur yer wellies

I love Billy Connolly's wellie boot song from the Big Banana Feet show and I love my new wellies. It's true, where would I be without them? I used to always have a pair of wellies and then I stopped wearing them. Now I have a dog who really likes walking. I know that sounds odd but my other dogs haven't been big on walking. They have always preferred swimming at the beach or playing ball and walking has been something they haven't liked much. This new dog of mine loves her walks and gets really enthusiastic about going for a walk. She then walks really happily. She is unhappy when I don't take her for a walk. For me that is usually when it's wet and cold. I am very bad at wet and cold. I decided this year, since my dog really doesn't ask for much, that I'd make a bit more of an effort and get myself ready for walks on cold, wet days as long as it's not raining. Pretty sure she'd walk in the rain too! The truth is, the walks are good for me too. I always feel much better after. So I have my new turquoise wellies and may well go back and get the shocking pink ones too! So cheerful. It means we can tramp over the countryside in comfort and she will be a happy doggie and my feet will be dry.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Be kind to people...

It is not always easy to be kind to others or to think kindly of them. It's harder when they have really done soemthing to hurt you or they have really hurt someone you care about. As you get older you learn to deal with nastiness and unpleasantness better. You can shrug a lot of it off or you can get it into perpective more quickly. Those who lash out or who do the most unthinkably hurtful things which create a major problem for the recipient of their horrible behaviour are often in a bad state of mind and at crisis point themselves. We always like to find the reasons. When you are at the receiving end of it you just have to learn to rise above it, recover your dignity and reassert yourself. You do that by being who you are and following the values you believe in. Challenging behaviour from others, which temporarily throws you into disarray, chaos, personal pain and immobility, requires the help of others- your network, the people who love you, the people you can trust. It's good to believe you can always be kind to people but you should never let someone who does you harm get away with it. You can ignore it and remove them from your life. You can take some firm action to show them they cannot treat you like that. Sometimes you have to just deal with it however you can. The main thing is to do something so you are not disempowered.